About Me

I was born in Syria to a Christian family. I had not experienced much of my fatherland before we moved to America. Here, I earned a High School Diploma and an Associate’s Degree. Were college free I would go further, but as it stands, I refuse to enslave myself to the state.

I grew up playing video games and watching anime. Then I started programming and using Linux. The internet should be decentralized, and it should facilitate personal expression. That is why I have my own website. I do not use social media.

My goal is to uphold my morals and principles. That means I will not drive a car, because they are fueled with the blood of my brethren, and I will not take on debt, because I despise the usurers who sit idly by and enrich themselves on the people’s work.

I will try to eliminate any tax that would go to this American regime of murderers, liars, and lunatics. I will make charitable donations to valiant causes. I will try to find a path forward in a world that has lost all meaning.